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    Business tasks

    Business Tasks
    Business tasks (Ru-En-Ru) Translation support for business (written & oral translation); administrative support in a foreign language (search for services/products, registration, travel support, etc.); thorough development/study of issues (search and analysis of information in a foreign language); control of the timeliness and completeness of provision by the contractor/partners of the necessary data; coordination of the personnel abroad;
    One-time consecutive interpretation (Ru-En-Ru) – from 1200 rubles/hour.
    One-time written translation (Ru-En-Ru) – from 450 rubles/hour.
    Completed projects:
    • Arrangement of translation and transfer support for the Mexican delegation during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in several cities of the Russian Federation

    • Negotiations on investing in a project for the serial production of interactive advertising boxes

    • Negotiations between the Qatari delegation led by the Prince and a Russian media company on joint projects in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar
    • Search for foreign suppliers of raw materials as the basis for the production of dietary supplements in the United States, the establishment of preliminary agreements with suppliers
    • Arrangement of agreements for access to venues in Moscow for subsequent filming of the Mexican travel show
    • and other.
    Business tasks